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Health Foundations Family Health & Birth Center is the Twin Cities first freestanding birth center, located on historic Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our clients receive personal attention and extraordinary care in an intimate, family-centered, home-like setting.


Health Foundations’ health care and wellness professionals are passionate about serving women and families through the childbearing year and throughout the lifecycle. Collectively, we firmly believe in women’s bodies and in natural childbirth. We also believe that wellness can be cultivated through natural means and modalities which support the body’s innate healing abilities.

Our team is comprised of:

  • Midwives, including certified nurse midwives (CNMs), Licensed Midwives (LMs) and Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs)
  • Nurses, including labor and delivery nurses that assist in childbirth, postpartum nurses, and clinic nurses.
  • Lactation specialists
  • Wellness Professionals offering a variety of wellness modalities, including chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, pediatric care, well woman services, and more.
  • Support staff, including our amazing office manager, medical assistant, billing and insurance specialists, childbirth educators and more.


As midwives, we consider ourselves guardians and keepers of natural childbirth. We see birth as a normal part of a woman’s life and see the choices and authority of pregnancy and childbirth belonging to a woman and her family. As such, we play a supportive role, helping healthy women in experience birth as they envision it. In the Midwifery Model of Care, women and families are empowered through an informed and shared decision-making process.

Care is evidence-based, holistic, and founded on the premise that women’s bodies know how to give birth and should be enabled to do so without needless intervention. Midwifery care is about the individual/family and her care providers, who together build a trusting, caring bond that supports a positive childbearing experience. We care deeply about each of our clients and enjoy coming to know every family we are honored to serve.

We offer comprehensive midwifery care that includes:

  • Complimentary initial consultation and birth center tour
  • Preconception and Fertility support
  • Prenatal Care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Education classes on birth, postpartum and lactation
  • Labor and Delivery at the birth center or your home
  • Postpartum care at your home and our center
  • Lactation Support


Health Foundations Family Health & Birth Center is the Twin Cities first freestanding birth center, located on historic Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our clients receive personal attention and extraordinary care in an intimate, family-centered, home-like setting.

We are a full-service midwifery practice and integrative clinic offering:

  • Birth center and home birth delivery options
  • Well-woman care
  • Comprehensive midwifery care (including family planning, preconception counseling,
  • maternity care, postpartum care, and breastfeeding support)
  • Full-service lactation center
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Chiropractic care
  • Acupuncture
  • Pediatrics
  • New mama and breastfeeding groups
  • Yoga
  • Special events
  • Educational classes

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled level of compassionate, holistic, patient-centered, affordable care to women and their families through one of the most transformative and miraculous experiences of their lives.

Health Foundations is so much more than a place to give birth or receive quality health care—it is a place where people’s dreams are made possible, where families grow and where community is built. While the core of our work is helping families have a healthy and empowering birth experience, we also strive to cultivate a vibrant birth and parenting community.

Whether it’s…

      • … expectant moms in the waiting room swapping pregnancy stories…
      • … parents who entrust us to help deliver their babies…
      • … Milk Hour and Mom’s Group mamas supporting each other through early motherhood…
      • … or the new friendships we saw forged amongst moms, dads & kids at the many Health

Foundations Events…

Health Foundations is about nourishing relationships and creating a supportive birth and parenting community in the Twin Cities.


Here at Health Foundations, we aim to provide comprehensive service and support to all our clients and families. We offer classes, groups, and special events throughout the year, and we encourage all of our clients to be a part of the special community here at Health Foundations. We feel so lucky and honored to serve all of our families and to stay connected with them as they grow.


The classes and events we offer include:

  • Required classes for our Health Foundations families, taken during late pregnancy
  • Childbirth Education, catered specifically to Health Foundations families
  • Ongoing support groups for new mothers
  • Special events, including classes like yoga and postpartum exercise as well as seasonal events
  • such as our Summer Picnic, Fall Apple Orchard Outing and the Grand Ol’ Days parade and festival.


We are thrilled to offer a full childbirth education series specifically designed for Health Foundations Families!

Join other families choosing a birth center or home birth with Health Foundations for a five-week childbirth education class. Class topics include:

  • Preparing for labor,
  • Stages of labor,
  • Comfort measures,
  • Writing a birth plan
  • Labor variations